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How to make repetitive sales while freelancing

Attracting a new customer cost almost five times more than an existing customer. Startups and small companies disregard the existing customer value. Same goes for freelancing as well. Such customers have the potential to bring strong business back to you.

One report emphasizes that about 80% of possible revenue could come from 20% of your existing customer. To increase your sales and revenue, your existing customer should be your target. Here are some steps which might help you to build strong customer relation

Step 1: Deliver Projects on Time

Time is precious than money and in the case of freelancing its importance increases to multiple times. Client expects delivery to be on time or earlier. Delivering earlier project increases your chances to build positive image in mind of customers. So if you want to keep your customer loyal, make sure you are among those who deliver on time. If you don’t consider time, there are lot of people whom can replace you because of lack of your ability to make timely deliveries.

Step 2: Surpass Customer Expectations

Everybody want something extra upon purchase like if you purchase a book and shopkeeper give you a pen free that will build position superior to other shopkeeper. As a result, you always prefer to go to this shop for purchasing stationery. Same is the case with online customer. Despite your aim to deliver complete project sooner to the expected time; adding something extra to customer order without charges or providing any useful word of advice about their business which they can implement  will make you rank above in customer’s expectations. This is always a good thing to do.

Step 3: Welcome Customer Feedback

In any business customer feedback, have a front seat in your job performance. Your primary interests is to know your customer thoughts. Till you don’t know about customer needs and expectations, how come you fulfill his requirements. Always welcome customer feedback! It is a way to improve your performance and get customer reviews about you work. It also maximizes two-way interaction between you and your customer.

Step 4: Show Gratitude

Make you buyer feel special is the key to success in freelancing. There are number of reason to offer thanks to customer because you wouldn’t be in business without them. Understanding this help you to show gratitude on every stage of communication with. During project, post project and at any other possible opportunity, show appreciation to your customer.

Step 5: Offer Incentives for Return Business

Customer are bombarded with brand promotions and incentives everyday which lure them to spend money. Are you among those offering this? You can attract your previous customers by offering them discounts and additional services at same price. The main objective is to earn return businesses.