No boredom on Eid

This Eid, Say Hello to Enjoyment and Bye-Bye to Boredom

Whenever we talk about Eid-ul-Fitr or Azha, we reflexively associate the word ‘Boring’ with it. Nothing is boring if you are a jovial person who knows how to turn a dull day into a sprightful one. We feel bore on these auspicious occasion because we presume special days to be more jubilant and charming as compared to normal days. These pious occasions are the basis of glee and gatherings. It depends on us how we plan to devote it, either in bed or by reveling it with greater zeal. Still if you are a person who’s every Eid goes the mind-numbing way then just do the following things and you will truly feel the sparkle of this day.

Clean and decorate your Home

The first thing to do after waking up in the morning is to clean your house and adorn it beautifully to bring the feeling of festivity in your house. Even the other house members will start partaking with you after seeing your enthusiasm for Eid Day.

Send Eid messages to all your Friends and Family

Sit on a comfy sofa, hold your mobile phone and start sending unique wishes to your loved ones this Eid. They will feel special and in return you will feel valued after reading their response. Text even those with whom you do not talk much or having a bad time because Eid is the occasion to share bliss by shunning the differences.

Make Special Dishes

Before getting ready move into the kitchen to prepare yummylicious dishes like Sheer Khurma Kheer, Halwa or Firni. Eid is all about sweetness not only in your conduct but also in your food. You can also make typical desi dishes for lunch.

Visit neighbors with Sheer Khurma

After getting ready for Eid Day, take a plate of Sheer Khurma and go out to greet your neighbors. After all, you can only have good neighbors if you can be a good neighbor. Greet them with open heart as they are the ones who will be there for you in emergency situations.

Spend some time at orphans or old-age citizens

If you reason other things won’t work for you, then visiting the needy, old, orphan or poor people is the best way to mollify your inner soul. You can have a lot of fun with the people living in orphan or old homes by playing with them, sharing feelings with them and listening to theirs.

Invite your Family and Friends

Well if you are a party lover, then inviting your relatives or friends is the best way to chill whole day. Spend first two days of Eid with your relatives and the third day with your friends.

Go for a picnic

Go to an open air place to have a little picnic scene with your family or friends. But in case if the weather doesn’t allow you to do so, go visit some indoor place with them. These sessions with your family and friends are ample to make you feel awesome for some days.

Do a Photo session with your Family

When everyone is ready at home, call everyone in drawing room and click some handsome pictures in Eid dresses. Taking a selfie with your fam jam and sharing it with your close friends or relatives is another way of passing your time. After all, everyone likes to get commended.

Play Games with your Siblings

Instead of sticking to your bed or mobile whole day try to spend quality time with your family. You can play Ludo, Uno, cards or chess with them. Games shape your time in a very attention-grabbing way.

Do small party with your siblings/friends/cousins

Plan a party with your friends or young cousins at night where you can sing dance and dine all night. You can even play lots of exciting games like truth or dare to surge the enjoyment level. Trust me you will literally love this idea if you plan and execute it.

Arrange a BBQ for your family or friends

Barbeque party is the most trendy desi get-together where food and enjoyment go hand in hand. Whether its Eid ul Fitr or Eid ul Azha, bbq is always the best idea to bring in extra excitement for Eid. The fleshy and soft seekh kababs or spicy tikkas can surely make your day.

Watch Eid Shows or Movies with Family

When you can’t go anywhere, stick to the TV and start watching Eid shows on your favorite channels. In the past few years Eid day special programs have played a major role in engaging the majority of people who like to stay at home. Consider it as the last option to kick out the feeling of getting bored. Or you can visit cinema along with your family members to watch movies.

This Eid, no more boredom, just follow our suggestions and make your day exciting and thrilling one.

Post Author: Zainab Hassan

A girl with a creative mind that has no confines of fancy, who is an artist by abilities and a business student by luck. I believe in the moto “Live the way you want to and let others live the way they want to’’. Fashion, food and perfection is all I follow.