Ho Mann Jahaan movie winning several hearts all across Pakistan

The new year 2016 took off its first airlift with the release of Ho Mann Jahaan (HMJ), an Asim Raza’s film that gave a very worthy start to the year. The striking trailer, teasers and the unremitting promotions of the movie made the viewer’s flood to pre-book shows of opening days everywhere. There was so much hype about the movie on all mediums. As per media reports, all shows were pre-booked for the first weekend in major cinemas.

In 2015, several movies got released that made the viewers apprehend and admit that Pakistani cinema is no less than any competitive cinema globally. And in the case of Ho Mann Jahaan, many people looked forward to this particular movie because of the gorgeous diva Mahira Khan, the handsome hunk Shehreyar Khan, the artistic actor Adeel Hussain and last but not the least the famous director Asim Raza who was the main man behind videos like Awaz’s Jadu Ka Chiragh and Mein Na Manoon Haar or even Faakhir’s Mahi Ve and countless TVCs.

Promising a fun and romp glance, the plot appears to share a vestige of a deep message and a dash of a profound story line. The juvenile tale of Manizeh, Nadir and Arhaan highlighted the core issues faced by youngsters while breaking some major typecasts booming in our society.

With its release all across Pakistan and UAE, it managed to earn 5 crore in 3 days. The glamourous premiere was held in the big cities of Lahore and Karachi where diverse reviews from the critics and the celebrities circulated all over the electronic and print media. Many Pakistani celebrities as well as Indian celebrities like Pooja Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt couldn’t stopped themselves from extolling Asim Raza’s work and making thrilling comments about the movie. When Poojah walked out of the cinema, she couldn’t help herself and bluntly said,

I was “blown away” by the film.

General public and celebrities alike, everyone loved Ho Mann Jahaan movie and acclaimed Asim Raza on his debut film. The film has won million hearts all across Pakistan due to the superb acting done by the star cast and the heart touching sound tracks of the movie. Music has played a deep role in the victory of the movie. Apart from that the Movie promotions especially in form of ‘Shakar Wandan Re’ dub smash challenge and Coca-Cola ad literally diverted the eyes and ears of people on the movie.

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