Hello Tomorrow Challenge 2015: Another Opportunity to Showcase Your Entrepreneurship Skills

Hello Tomorrow is a global initiative by the French Government as part of their efforts to shape the better future. The initiative was founded in 2011. Hello Tomorrow works as a not-for-profit organization. The initiative deals in pushing the business and technological advancements to impactful products through the power of entrepreneurship. The French Govt. has now launched Hello Tomorrow Challenge 2015 in Pakistan.

What is Hello Tomorrow Challenge?

This is an international startup contest that focuses mostly on science and technology. Its main emphasis is to make sure that those projects come forward that reflects science and technology advancement. Like most startups contest, this one also aims to polish and hone the skills of young and aspiring entrepreneurs who believe their ideas have the sense of creativity along with the drive that will make it a success.

It works to bring forward technological innovations that have the potential to transform into productive products which will have positive effects on the future. It looks to find a perfect combination of science and technology with entrepreneurship to come up with sustainable solutions.

In Pakistan, the event will be organized by the Embassy of France. The event will be kicked off with a mega inauguration ceremony in the French Embassy in Islamabad on 12th February. There will be three noticeable honorable guests: French Ambassador to Pakistan, Mr. Martine Dorance, CEO Nayatel and CEO Somerset Capital Holding) along with other 60 specialists of science, business and technology.

Rewards for winning Hello Tomorrow Challenge 2015:

There are huge rewards for the competitors who win. There is a total of €300,000 prize money to be given away to winners and runners up in the shape of direct cash reimbursements and other in-kind benefits. The rewards are as follows:

  • A grand prize of €100,000 for the winner of the contest
  • €15,000 cash prizes for the top 5 finalists
  • A round trip to Paris for one person
  • Tickets to attend the annual Hello Tomorrow Conference in Paris taking place on 25-26th June. This is a unique opportunity to showcase your ideas in front of 4000 international attendees
  • Tickets to the Hello Tomorrow VIP dinner taking place on 25th June in the presence of all the esteemed guests
  • An opportunity to take place in a rigorous mentoring programme for all semifinalists leading up to the conference in June
  • Fast track access to European incubators for the top 30 selected contestants.

How to Apply for Hello Tomorrow Challenge 2015?

The deadline to apply for this global startup contest is 28th of February. The application forms can be filled online on the YouNoodle website. Your project/idea should be from following fields: Energy and Environment, Food and Agriculture, Healthcare and Information Technologies, Materials and Manufacturing and Transport and Mobility. If you think you have a brilliant startup idea that is a perfect combination of science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship then this platform is the perfect place to bring it forward!