HEC declares COMSATS Dual Degree Program ‘valueless’

Back in 2009, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) launched a dual degree programme in collaboration with Lancaster University (LU). However, the institution did not use right channels to approve the degree from Higher Education Commission (HEC) and Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC).

COMSATS dual degree program was introduced under the guidance of the Science and Technology Ministry and the Planning Commission of Pakistan. A memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed with Lancaster University (LU), UK. As part of the MoU, CIIT was to seek the approval of the HEC and other related bodies by 1st Jan 2011. The HEC was informed about the programme on October 13th and 28th. But, the CIIT was unable to get the approval from these bodies hence making the agreement null and void eventually.

This has put the future of over 2,600 students who have completed the programme in danger. Further details reveal that 130 students who have graduated are yet to receive the dual degrees. They have received the LU degree but not the dual degree. As per the CIIT, HEC has disallowed the institute for awarding any such degree.

HEC has given warning to the institute to stop inducting any further students in 2013. But, COMSATS continued its programme in 2014 for a fresh batch of students. The institute charged fees from both local and foreign students. Considering the situation, the Federal Intermediary office has advised COMSATS either to issue dual degrees to the students or refund the students their fees for the programme otherwise a strict action will be taken.

The programme has been shut down for further enrollment until further notice. Share your thoughts on this story in comments section below!