Haier Pakistan to official begin assembling laptops in the country

As announced, Haier Pakistan has now set up a laptop assembly line in Lahore. It has become the first company to establish a laptop assembly line in the country. The initial test run has been done. During the initial test run, 1,000 laptops were successfully assembled. Now, the company is all ready to begin its operations officially.

Haier Pakistan has constructed the plant in collaboration with its parent Chinese group ‘Haier Group’. It has now set the manufacturing target for the year 2016, keeping in view the company’s quality control and capacity check. Haier Pakistan will be manufacturing 150,000 laptops units by the end of the year 2016. Here are few words from the CEO of Haier Pakistan Mr. Shah Faisal,

This capability to locally produce Haier branded laptops, the first major endeavor of its kind in the history of Pakistan has been realized with full collaboration of Haier China. This is a first class example of what can be achieved given China’s willingness to assist Pakistan on the road to technological advancement

This is certainly gonna bring self-sufficiency in the manufacture of technologically advanced goods. The market for laptops is growing rapidly in Pakistan. Haier Pakistan has now positioned itself to capture the major portion of this market. The local production will ensure low price, better supply control and positive customer feedback. Apart from this, the company will also be providing laptops for Prime Minister Laptop Scheme Phase II.

Indeed, a great news for Pakistan IT industry! Best of luck to Haier for the future.

Image Source: Propakistani.pk