Gul e Rana finally ended in an imperfect manner that distressed many fans

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Gul e Rana finally ended in an imperfect manner that distressed many fans

Gul e Rana the novel based drama that gained the highest TRP for HUM TV finally ended in an imperfect manner that distressed many fans from all over the world and they reacted in a heavy manner about the sad incomplete ending.

Gul e Rana was a drama that depicted the love-hate relation between a wife (Gul e Rana played by ‘Sajal Aly)’ and a husband (‘Adeel’ played by Feroze Khan) who got married forcefully. Gul e Rana has been shown a soft hearted brave young woman and Adeel as the young wild spoilt brat. The drama showed enthralling shots of both compromising for their love-hate relationship yet complementing each other’s roles perfectly.

In the beginning episodes. this drama was a complete fun to watch the tiny fights between them due to their opposite personalities. Then came a stagnant period where they showed Adeel living his luxurious and frivolous life with his girlfriends, ignoring and torturing his noble wife. Then came the last few episodes with twist and turns that changed the whole scenario. Gul e Rana’s cousin Ashar Bhai, who was also his lover, died of cancer. Adeel started practicing the pious acts like caring for Rana, being nice to his servants and other people after realizing his mistakes.

The most shocking thing that infuriated the fans was the last episode that ended showing both the partners living their life separately in their ways. Hell yes! The most imprudent startling ending anyone could have ever thought for. The actual novel never tells us such story. The director deliberately molded the ending the way she wanted to but we could claim it as the most dippy decision. The reason is that the director could have shown the arduous efforts done by Adeel to get on the right path being paid off in form of both of them living together. All the fans of the handsome hunk got angry and upset when they saw Adeel Kamal’s efforts in vain by the end scene where he is shown thinking about Gul e Rana alone on the hilltop while Gul e Rana is shown teaching to children in a school, totally contended and in tranquility.

All the fans were seen complaining about the ending on different social media sites e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc.