Gujranwala is the best place to buy Used Cars, as per Carmudi

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November 13, 2015
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Gujranwala is the best place to buy Used Cars, as per Carmudi

How do cities and regions differ in used cars prices? Demand for imported vehicles in this South Asian economy is accelerating, due to fastest economic growth since 2008, combined with increased purchasing power for potential car shoppers.

In order to find best places for used cars purchases, Carmudi, the quickest way to sell or buy your vehicle online, researched regional cars sales for models from 2000 to 2014, focusing on locations with more than a hundred listings. Throughout the country, the most competitive cost of a car is in the industrial city of Gujranwala. There, the average car will cost you about 998k rupees. The low prices of Gujranwala are followed Multan with 1.151 million rupees and Rawalpindi with 1.151 million rupees.

Pakistan’s capital Islamabad, is actually one of the most expensive regions to purchase used cars; current average price asked by local listings is Rs 1.555 million. Just south of the capital, in the city of Rawalpindi, the average car pricing is much lower at Rs 1.151 million.

With a recent estimate of housing over 23 million people, it is undoubtedly Karachi that has the most listings in Pakistan. Despite the abundance of car offers, four-wheeled vehicles are not as affordable as in the rest of the country; an average used car prices at around Rs 1.127 million. Another big metropolis close to the Indian border, Lahore, boasts the highest mean price of cars among its thousands of listings (Rs 1.485 million). The most popular car throughout all is TOYOTA COROLLA.

Interested used cars buyers in Pakistan can look online for help in comparing prices across regions and by dealer for their next purchase. Using Carmudi’s online portal has helped thousands of buyers to locate their dream car without leaving home.

Managing Director Carmudi Pakistan, Raja Murad Khan commented on this report,

Cities like Gujranwala are often neglected markets because they are smaller cities, but we have to understand these are still big cities with big populations and there is a lot of trade. We have seen a steady growth in listings and website visits from the likes of Gujranwala, Gujrat and Sialkot over the past year and are obviously excited to have a strong presence there.

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