Government in efforts to introduce local version of YouTube in Pakistan

It has been over two years since the ban on YouTube is Pakistan. The popular video sharing site YouTube is not accessible in the country due to blasphemous content. The site can be visited in other Muslim countries as it has been filtered for such content there. Unfortunately, Federal Government of Pakistan has not succeeded in doing so. Only means to access YouTube are proxies and VPN.s We have previously informed you best ways to unblock YouTube in Pakistan. Today, we have got some news that predicts the local version of YouTube in Pakistan.

According to MoreMag, the Standing Committee for Information Technology has recently asked the Government to remove ban on YouTube in Pakistan through legislation. Further details says that the Government is in talks with Google (owner of YouTube) to introduce a local version of the site in the country. The local version of YouTube will be filtered from any blasphemous and controversial content. A high-level delegation of Google Inc. supervised by Mr. Rajan Anandan, the Vice President and Managing Director for South East Asia is currently in Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan is having talks with them in this regard. There are also negotiations for developing IT sector and setup Google operations in Paksitan.

Hopefully, both the parties will soon reach an agreement and we will start using YouTube in Pakistan without needing proxies etc. Do you consider these efforts as promising? Share your opinions and views in comments section below.

Post Author: Taha Munir

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