Google paid $1 billion to Apple to keep its Search bar on iPhone

No doubt, Google is the most widely used search engine across the globe. However, in some stances, even a dominant company is forced to maintain its market position by paying huge sums of money. This is what Google was made to do by the Cupertino Giant to keep its Search bar on iPhones.

According to a transcript from Oracle’s copyright lawsuit against Google, it came to surface that Apple reportedly received $1 billion from Google. Further details reveals that Google has an agreement with Apple to pay a percentage of revenues generated through Google services on Apple devices. This tells how much Google wants people to keep using its search engine. The Oracle attorney even claimed that the revenue share was once 34 percent but had gradually reduced. Both Google and Apple have refused to comment on this matter.

It is interesting to learn that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook often criticizes Google for intrusion of privacy with its apps. But with this, it seems that they are quite in partnership too. Both these companies have not yet disclosed it.

This lawsuit of Oracle against Google has been pending since 2010. Oracle claims that Google made use of its Java software to develop Android without paying any royalties. Google had made efforts to derail the case but has not succeeded. Oracle wants the company to pay $1 billion in royalties.

SOURCE: Bloomberg