Play Google Chrome endless runner game when ‘unable to connect to the Internet’

Google Chrome is the widely used internet browser in the world. Thanks to its fast speed, better stability and extensive add-ons support that makes it best among the rest. However, there is one more feature in Chrome browser that most of us do not know. Do you know Google Chrome has got a hidden endless runner game? Most of you will be amazed to learn that Google features an endless runner game for its ‘unable to connect to the Internet’ page.

Whenever you want to use Internet and the connection is not here, it’s one of the most irritating moments. You have typed the URL, press Enter and instead of the desired website, you see a dinosaur with ‘Unable to connect to the Internet’ message on Google Chrome.

Now, here is how you can trigger the game on. Just simply press ‘Space’ key and convert the message in to a gameplay mode. The dinosaur will start running. Your job is to avoid the obstacles on its way and score points. The tiny game surely can kill your frustration for few minutes. Meanwhile, your internet might come and you can begin surfing.

Google has added the tiny game in its latest build update. Just update your Google Chrome browser to the latest version and play the game. Previously, websites and developers have been adding beautiful 404 pages instead of blank ‘dull’ ones. Google has now used the idea for ‘no internet connection’ page.

Source: The Independent

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