GamaGaming: A Platform for Pakistan’s Online Gamers

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GamaGaming: A Platform for Pakistan’s Online Gamers

GamaGaming is a subsidiary brand of AlooClan. It aims to be the Kurt Cobain of Pakistan’s e-sports culture: a definite spokesperson for today’s equivalent of unfulfilled and neglected Generation X teens. Despite still being at its nascent stage, GamaGaming has already managed to bag one massively successful event under their belt that took place in the Delta Echo Foxtrot on September 5th of this year. The event hosted several popular multiplayer games such as Call of Duty: Black Ops II and FIFA ’15, and it was curated by some of the most beautiful gaming minds the nation has to offer. GamaGaming worked as a team, dealt with guests like a family, and left for home with more friends than you can shake a stick at.

Bouyed with their unexpected – but deserved – success and with confidence on their side, GamaGaming is back with another event on the horizon – GamaLeague ’15. Already proving to be their most ambitious project yet, this event will bring Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends and DOTA 2 – the sacred cows of online multiplayer gaming – under one roof and with it, so they hope, the most hardcore of gamers. Watch out as this distant thunderstorm which has already created an electricity of unrestrained excitement across the board comes, transforms into a tornado and sweeps everyone away.


However, organizing e-sports isn’t the only thing GamaGaming has to offer. In fact, the plethora of services it has up its sleeve is enough to make your head spin. Among the major of these are helping teams gain sponsorships and exposure throughout the gaming scene. Not only that, GamaGaming will also assist talented players in getting recognition from bigger, better and well-known players from across the nation, as well as a chance to gain backdoor access to their secrets and perhaps even play for their teams. This will be our special way of saying thank you to those who make (and will hopefully continue to do so) GamaGaming the numero uno in the business.

Besides that, we will also arrange meetings to discuss ideas and tactics. In these meetings, individual players and/or entire teams will be called to work on their profile, their strengths and weaknesses, and generally make sure that they have everything necessary to make it through the event(s) as comfortably as possible. The meetings will also double as sort of a “meet and greet” amongst amateur rookies and professional players. The goal of these meetings is not to intimidate, but to inspire.


Not contend to stop there, GamaGaming also promises boot camps for up-and-coming pro gamers. For rookies and aspiring gamers, the road to Damascus starts here. Expect professional training, salient advice from the greats, and a conducive environment for everyone and anyone.

GamaGaming is not an exercise in ego: it is simply a response of justice to the oft-neglected gaming youth of Pakistan. While we may not be able to shake mountains politically, the least we can do is pave roads for the millions of gamers all across the nation. We’re not doing this because it’s easy, but because it’s hard, and we firmly believe that the gaming youth of Pakistan deserves better!

You can learn more about GamaGaming on their Facebook page HERE.