Future of PK domains no more SECURE in Pakistan

Few days back, was stepped down by its hosting provider Nexus on instructions of FIA. After intense social media criticism, the ban was finally lifted. Though Govt. may have unbanned but they have completely devastated the credibility of PK domains in Pakistan. In simple words, future of PK domains is no more secure in the country.

Before moving ahead, it’s important to mention here that PK domains are hosted within the country unlike .com, .net and others. It means any website with PK domain can be stepped down and can’t be retrieved back. Such was the case with They did not receive any sort of warning or notice. Looking at the current situation of Pakistan IT industry, it has become clear that there are no rules and regulations. No cyber laws for the security of people and websites. Any website can be taken down anytime by related authorities. Remember, there is a proper method of taking down a website that is through PTA. Unfortunately, we are living in the country where law is followed against only weak ones.

The admins of brought site back with back URL. The URL got unbanned within few days. But certainly, such type of incident has undoubtedly put the future of PK domain in danger. Now, people who possess PK domains always feel threat in mind of being shut down by Govt. It affects the credibility of the domain. The actions made by FIA was, no doubt, unlawful. There should be proper criteria which must be followed by Govt., FIA and PTA. This is important so that everyone can realize their rights.

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Post Author: Taha Munir

  • Fakhre Alam

    a better alternative? buy .net or .com domains of the same and make your pk domain redirect to those.

    • Engr Atif

      what if the website wants to show content specific to the country?

      • Fakhre Alam

        what do u mean? are .pk domains not accessible outside pakistan? they are of course.

  • Engr Atif

    Yes government can “kill” any website with .pk domain but can also “ban” any website with .com .net or other domains like they banned youtube