Foodpanda is launching BEST OF KARACHI

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December 29, 2015
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Foodpanda is launching BEST OF KARACHI

So Karachiwalas, are you ready to enjoy some feasts? Foodpanda i.e. Pakistan’s most reliable online food ordering platform recently launched a couple of trailer teasers from its upcoming campaign BEST OF KARACHI.

Here’s a glimpse from the campaign which features Biryani of The Seas (BOTS):

BEST OF KARACHI is going to be an interactive visual series, a sight feasting experience mainly for the people of Karachi. It features influential foodies from the much talked about SWOT Group, Dr. Nezihe Hussain, Dr. Sadia Safdar, Ms. Farhat Rabia and celebrities such as Ali Gul Pir and Anoushay Abbasi, tasting Biryani, Kebabs and Nihari from Karachi’s vast array of Desi cuisine restaurants.

With this campaign scheduled to launch soon, foodpanda looks to create opportunities for people to order online from these eateries, in the comforts of their home.

The soul of this campaign is to make some of the best Desi eateries out there, reachable to every corner and nook in Karachi. While some of these names mentioned in the campaign are renowned, some of them are popular yet restricted to their neighboring vicinities.


That is where Foodpanda comes into play by introducing these eateries to masses on both sides of the bridge. Here is the list of some desi meals that will be offeredL


  1. Javed Nihari
  2. Zahid Nihari
  3. Sabir
  4. Nihari Inn
  5. Noon Sey Nihari
  6. Mumtaz


  1. Student Biryani
  2. BOTS – Biryani of The Seas
  3. White Biryani
  4. Madni
  5. Biryani Center
  6. Premier
  7. Jeddah


  1. Waheed Kebab House
  2. Zameer Ansari
  3. Ghaffar
  4. Meerath
  5. Karachi Food Center
  6. Bundoh Khan
  7. Cholu Kabab

Trusting foodpanda with their exuberant range of more than 1,000 restaurants and prompt customer services, this is going to bring an interesting response from customers in Karachi.


The giant of online food ordering business has always been one step ahead of competition in creating out-of-the-box experiences which BEST OF KARACHI will further testify to.

So guys, are you ready to enjoy these khabbas? Share your thoughts in comments section below.