FbStart program

Facebook’s FbStart Program encourages Mobile App Startups to apply

Facebook is always a name of novelty in its ideas which will serve the community in the best responsible way. A big area of young entrepreneurs is targeted to harmonize this time. In April 2014, FbStart was initiated with the idea to support mobile app startups in developing their newly born businesses; startups.

What is FbStart?

FbStart is a worldwide program offering every person across the globe to enter and facilitate his startup. It targets only mobile software centered startups to develop and become a profitable one. Joining the program will reward different benefits that are mentioned below.

First, they avail a comprehensive robotic set of free services and tools, valuing up to $80,000, provided in line with the needs of the startup. These included instructions and detailed guidance on every part of business development. Secondly, they can facilitate their startups by expert opinion and mentorship throughout the program by joining a Facebook community of Startup and Mentors. Third, the teams have the facility to avail free services provided by the program’s expert partners. This will increase the probability of their success.

Tracks in FbStart:

 There are three tracks in FbStart i.e. Pre-launch track, Bootstrap track and Accelerate track. In order to participate in this program, you need to be in either one of these tracks. Each track has its unique properties and is suitable to the needs of the new mobile app startups. Here is the brief description of each track:

  • Pre-launch track: Developers that have not yet launched an app but intend to launch one within the next year and are associated with one of our venture capital, accelerator, or incubator partners.
  • Bootstrap track: Any developer who’s launched a quality, working mobile app in the Apple or Google Play app stores.
  • Accelerate track: Any developer who’s launched a working mobile app in the Apple or Google Play app stores and has seen a sustained level of growth in their target markets.

Some Other Special Packages:

Along with all benefits and services stated above, Facebook has announced additional packages i.e. Social Good or Games. Each of this additional package will have its own unique benefits and selection criteria.

How to Apply:

The whole program is free of cost which means you bear no charges to join the program. The only requirement is to have a Facebook account. By registering yourself in this program, you can make your startup easily a successful one.

If you have a creative new idea about Mobile app, FbStart is good a platform for you. Join it and start building your idea today. To apply and learn more about FbStart, just click HERE.

Post Author: Taha Munir