Facebook is testing new What’s on your Mind box

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Facebook is testing new What’s on your Mind box

Facebook keeps on making certain improvements in its interface to enhance the overall layout. Recently, it changed the layout of pages on Facebook. Usually, changes made by Facebook are result of test and trial. Any change implemented is served to certain number of customers and their behavior is observed. Just now, I have observed a significant change in Whats on your Mind box on my Facebook news feed.

Here is the image of usual Facebook’s Whats on your Mind box,

Here is the one being tested by Facebook:

As you can see, the new Whats on your Mind box has more height relatively. The text box has been moved upward while other options i.e. Photo/Video, Feeling/Activity and others are placed below. The new box looks simpler and colorful. By default, two options are shown i.e. Photo/Video and Photo Album. You can see more options by clicking on the box.

Few users have also told us that they are seeing a new Whats on your Mind box. It is yet to be confirmed whether it’s a new change or just a test for now.

Tell us if you are having a new Whats on your Mind box in your news feed and timeline.