Facebook Messenger Group Call 1

Facebook Messenger now enables you to call groups for free

In a massive update recently, Facebook has added an important feature in its Messenger app. With Facebook Messenger, you can now group call for free. The service has been rolled out to both Android and iOS app.

How to initiate/disconnect Group Call on Facebook Messenger

It is very simple to start a group call. All you need is to open the group chat and click on the call button. You will be asked to select the group members whom you want to add in the group call. All selected people will get the call notification simultaneously. If someone is offline and does not receive the initial call, he/she can later join the call by tapping on the phone icon in the group chat. As you are the caller, you can see the activate participants and ping the disconnected ones.

To disconnect the call, you can simply tap on disconnect phone button. Or any member can individually leave the group call through his/her chat screen.

You can have 50 active participants in group call which is more than sufficient. This feature is not common on Facebook’s competitors. But surely, it’s going to take quite time for Facebook Messenger to beat Skype in this aspect.

Facebook is gradually transforming its Messenger app in to complete communication tool that can be used even in place of regular phone’s dialer and messaging app. Back in April 2014, Facebook brought VOIP calling feature for all of its users. Facebook Messenger has, currently, nearly 900 million users. This new feature will certainly further attract the people towards the app.

Have you tried group call on Facebook Messenger? How was your experience? Don’t forget to mention it in your comments below.

Post Author: Taha Munir