Elance-Odesk is now UpWork; features fast hiring, better search algorithms and real time chat

Elance-Odesk are one of the popular freelancing platforms in the world. Elance-Odesk connects around 4 million businesses to over 10 million freelancers. Elance-Odesk is well-known in Pakistan. A large number of Pakistani use this platform for elancing (freelancing). Both Elance and Odesk merged back in 2013. Since then, both companies have combined their efforts in order to evolve a better environment for elancing.

The evolution of Elance-Odesk is now here as ‘UpWork’. The new freelance talent platform UpWork gives you faster hiring, better search algorithms and a new real-time chat service unlike the previous one. UpWork Message Center will be the hub of all your communications. You can solve your queries by talking to freelancers right away. The message center helps you in managing separate rooms for different freelancers.

The interface of UpWork Message Center is similar to Slack chatting platform that gives you some useful features other than messaging. With the message center, you can also share your files. Here is an interesting point that if you don’t use UpWork, you can still use its message center.

UpWork focusses on ‘relationship driven hiring’. It means the freelancers with higher rates will have more visibility as they will appear at the top during the searches. The platform will make sure that the freelancers demanding high rates have been producing high quality work.

As of now, only iOS app of UpWork has been released. The app enables you to allow contractors and freelancers to post and accept jobs. There is an option for setting availability status as well. You can either choose Right Away, Later or Not Looking depending on your choice.

When you will try to visit Odesk now, it will take you to UpWork. However, Elance remains as it is. But the company plans to have a unified platform in the future. The main reason behind keeping Elance is to give the customers time to make a switch and to test the customers’ response towards the new platform.

So Pakistani freelancers, how you see this evolution? Visit https://www.upwork.com/ and write to us your views in comments section below.

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