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Our Guide to Eid Clothing for Females this Summer

Every woman wants to look trendy and elegant by embracing the latest fashion trends and style symbols. A dapper but at the same time an elegant look can enhance your personality and makes you feel buoyant. Fashion gets molded year by year when designers play with the fabric and new colors. This year designers have merged the subtle colors together to come up with soothing designs in form of floral prints. Almost all brands have launched their Eid collection but one thing which I found mutual was the use of printed lawn for their collection. Once again the 90’s fashion has hit the store shelves in form of bell bottom pajamas or tulip shalwars with short or knee-length kurtas. And yes, I am not kidding at all. Some famous clomps of designers know the trick to change the fashion directions because people trust them. Have a brief look at the following trendy Eid Clothings of fashion industry. You can try these Eid Clothing not only on the occasion but in other days of this hot weather too.

Tulip Shalwars

Well if you don’t feel comfortable in wearing a tight pajamas in summers then this is a good option for you but not the best. These tulip shalwars are somewhere similar to dhoti shalwars but they are not that loose. But remember do not go for too long or too short shirts.

Bell-Bottom Pajamas

The late 90’s fashion of bell shaped pajamas are again here. Another good choice for summers with a short kurta. Although it doesn’t look promising but you can made it looks prettier if you will go with the tight-bell shaped pajamas stitched decently with a sleek touch.


Knee-length or short kurtas, option of both depends upon whether you are wearing it with what. If you are going to wear a shalwar or tight-bell shaped pajamas then go for knee-length kurtas but if going with straight cut trousers i.e. tulip shalwar, cigarette pants or loose bell-bottom pajamas wear a short shirt. More precisely, the length of the kurta will matter a lot and wearing it with a shalwar or pants can change your whole look.

Floral prints

Other than above Eid clothing, you can try floral prints. Get into the grooves of nature by selecting appealing and catchy floral fonts because every brand is offering various floral printed lawns this Eid. Especially the borders of the shirt are fully embellished. So try to select a print with normal quantity of floral design on it, neither too flowery nor too much plain. Choose wisely because your dress has an impact on your personality.

Summer Colors

Play with the coolest colors around. Don’t go for the dark colors! Throw them out of your closet as only soothing colors can make you feel cool instead of tinting and dark colors. Go for the white, light blue, light green, light pink, light yellow or peachy tones to attain a refined look. Avoid wearing black because it’s Eid clothing not someone’s funeral. Always choose colors according to your complexion.

Tight Cigarette Pants

They are still running through trends and have made their place in female minds as they loved the concept of cigarette pants instead of jeans which is not easy to wear in hot weather.

Straight-cut Trousers

It’s another lovely Eid clothing option with knee-length kurtas this Eid. They look really decent if stitched in a spruce way. You can also go with short kurtas depending upon your preference for kurtas. Loose cut looks way better than the tight one. Try to buy plain color straight cut trousers instead of highly embroidery based borders.

Overlapping Knotted Palazzos

This is an interesting increase this year as they depict the comfy kind’s apparel. Choose a nice-looking light color top with a white palazzo and here you go, ready to dazzle in the summer look. They are being wore with cute nice tops but for those who don’t afford to wear a top can select any front open A-lined shirts or frocks. But please never ruin the look of a knotted palazzo by wearing a way too long shirt. But as Eid is a festive occasion, you can choose lightly embroided short kurta with it.

So, which Eid clothing you are going to try this meethi Eid? Share your thoughts with us in comments section below.

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