Discount Genie; A new Discount Service in town

Discount Genie is discounts providing service through which customers can get amazing discounts on wide range of Products. Discount genie has collaboration with large number of Restaurants and Clothing Brands. It includes extensive list of local and international brands. Customers have opportunity to avail upto 20% discounts on food items and clothes.

How Discount Genie Works?

Discount Genie basically sells you the Discount Genie card. Whenever you are out for shopping, just present the Genie card while placing the order and you will get the discount. The amazing thing here is that with just one Discount Genie Card, amazing discounts can be availed at so many products. The list of restaurants and clothing brands is increasing rapidly on daily basis. A lot of brands have already started giving discounts through our channels. According to Discount Genie’s spokesman, they are in talks with many famous brands. Once, everything is finalized, customers would be able to get discounts on their favorite food items and cloths.

Further Information:

To learn more about Discount Genie, visit their official Facebook Page.