Coke Studio 9

Coke Studio 9 featuring Late Amjad Sabri to launch in August

Which exciting Pakistani music television series always succeeds to induce a soul stirring impact on its viewers and leave them hum the studio recorded performances for a long period of time? Which Pakistani music television program brings outstanding songs that are perfectly blended with various musical influences and performed by renowned artists of the country? Quite obviously, the answer is COKE STUDIO. The upcoming Coke Studio 9 is all set for launch and will feature Amjad Sabri and Shilpa Rao.

Eight seasons of Coke Studio have been aired magnificently by its producers. The most enthralling performances of season 8 were “Tajdar-e-Haram” by Atif Aslam, Rockstar by Ali Zafar, “Man Aamadeh Am” by Atif Aslam and Gul Pannra, “Bewajah” by Nabeel Shaukat Ali and “Aj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo” by Fareedah Khanum.

Coke Studio 9 is all set to be aired in August. Like every other season of this much admired series, season 9 is anticipated to be perfect and melodious.

I reckon that Coke Studio 9 is the most awaited season of all as it features the late Pakistani legend-Amjad Sabri. Though the famous qawali “Aj Rang Hai” has been performed formerly by Hadiqa Kiani in season 5 of Coke Studio, yet we will see Amjad Sabri and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan singing it again in season 9. His debut in Coke Studio with the renowned musician Rahat Fateh Ali Khan will for sure be extraordinary and soulful. When the deceased legend was recording the qawali back in May this year, he told that this kalaam was read by his father and late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan in Karachi at a shrine 40 years ago. He felt quite honored and privileged to sing it again 40 years later. His assassination a few weeks back left the entire nation dismal and heartbroken. This recording will be his last performance for his fans. Last but unforgettable!

Another artist debuting this year in Coke Studio is Bollywood singer Shilpa Rao. She has amazed the world with her melodious voice and recorded songs for many popular Indian movies. She and Noori-the popular rock band of Pakistan, met at a common friends’ get-together for lunch. The talented musicians interacted and became quite good friends. Ali Noor, the lead guitarist and vocalist and songwriter of the band, asked her whether she would like to sing for Coke Studio and she heartily agreed. She has recorded a song for Coke Studio 9 and I believe it will be worth listening.

Like always, a manifestation of brilliance and magnificence is expected of Coke Studio this year too. An array of talented music directors and artists has worked together to bring for the viewers a splendid and marvelous music program this year as well in form of Coke Studio 9. I am pretty excited. Are you?

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