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[How to] Check Degree Accreditation Status of university before getting admission

COMSAT dual degree issue and other such instances has taken people in thoughts about degree accreditation status of universities. A large number of universities have started their professional programs without getting the proper accreditation from respective councils. The sole aim of these universities is to make money. They have no interest in students’ efforts and career. Any student obtaining degree from these universities get in to a very petrifying situation. HEC and other professional bodies do not recognize the degrees hence these students can’t get job in public sector and abroad.

Considering this, HEC has issued a public notice asking parents and prospective students to check degree accreditation status of university before enrolling. The degrees can be verified by 9 professional councils and 4 HEC established accreditation councils. Here is the list of councils that you can contact to check degree accreditation status of universities:

  • Pakistan Engineering Council
  • Pakistan Medical and Dental Council
  • Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council
  • Pakistan Nursing Council
  • Pakistan Council for Architects and Town Planners
  • Pharmacy Council of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Bar Council
  • National Council for Homeopathy
  • National Council for Tibb
  • National Agriculture Education Accreditation Council [HEC]
  • National Business Education Accreditation Council [HEC]
  • National Computing Education Accreditation Council [HEC]
  • National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education [HEC]

Check out the complete HEC notice below containing the contact numbers and website address of all the councils:

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Post Author: Taha Munir

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    anyone can inform me about M.Phill degree accreditation status of Hajvery uni lahore