3 TV commercials that grabbed my attention this Ramadan

It is not only the well-defined concept or insight of an ad that makes it strong and excellent. The appropriate execution of an ad matters a lot as well. Together, these two make a successful marketing strategy in form of TV commercials. Here, I am going to list three TV commercials that attracted my attention […]

Omore ‘Rules are meant to be Bitten’ Ad Review

Omore recently has introduced its new mouth-watering and delightful range of ice-cream flavors and the flavors are Peanut Butter Extravaganza, Vanilla & Hazelnut, Tiramisu Fantasy and Chocolate Tango. What an appetizing and scrumptious range of ice-cream flavors! Right? The new Omore TV commercial, promoting the range, has the punch line or tagline; “Rules are meant […]

Pepsi Pakistan Lighting Up Lives Campaign is back

My oh my! Dreadful and boiled up summers are what every Pakistani must be tolerating nowadays. It is the holy month of Ramadan as well. I can’t stop thinking how ghastly it will be to live and fast without the facility of electricity especially in the scorching days and nights of summers. Sadly, there still […]

Ufone promotes Third Party Social Initiatives this Ramadan

Your good deeds might seem invisible but they leave a trial that is imprinted in the heart of other.To promote the spirit of caring and giving in line with the holy month of Ramadan, Ufone has stepped forward with its different, unique and humanitarian initiatives. In these new initiative, Ufone will donate free media space […]

This Ramadan, Do Good with Kisan Foods

It is the Holy Month of Ramadan. Caring for and helping the needy and selflessly looking out for others for the sake of humanity are the acts that contribute to the beauty of this divine month. Many companies are launching their CSR campaigns to contribute to several causes that need to be cared about. Kisan […]