BOL TV to get launched within 3 weeks

In a huge development, BOL TV has finally been purchased by ARY group. The CEO and President of ARY, Salman Iqbal addressed the employees of BOL Network and confirmed the acquisition. He also announced to launch BOL TV within 3 weeks.

There is no merger scenario as BOL TV will continue to work independently with its same vision and mission. Mr. Salman Iqbal also ensured to pay the pending services of BOL employees. He also confirmed that the employees will enjoy the packages and facilities promised by BOL.

The deal has been jointly agreed by the management of both parties. A percentage formula has been setup. ARY management will be looking the operations and working of BOL TV. BOL TV which was all set for massive launch in 2015 got engulfed by the Axact scandal. The scandal caused big names which has joined the network earlier on to leave the channel. These names include Kamran Khan, Iftikhar Ahmed,

Here are few tweets from ARY anchor Waseem Badami regarding the acquisition:

BOL TV promises to bring state-of-art facilities for its employees and to represent positive image of Pakistan. Let’s see how this development impact the industry as a whole.

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Post Author: Taha Munir