Blood of Rahat Kazmi, Ali Kazmi makes his first Hollywood movie debut

We all are very well cognizant with the name of refined actors of our industry, Rahat Kazmi & Sahira Kazmi. Ali Kazmi, son of Rahat Kazmi & Sahira kazmi, possessing the acting genes from both has showcased himself in recently released Hollywood movie ‘’Beeba Boys’’. This is not his first acting attempt, we have already seen this young chap as the despicable Sikander in Jackson Heights, in TVCs as well as a VJ. Ali Kazmi is a trained multilingual, multifaceted and veteran, professional creative dynamo of an Actor/Director & Producer.

Beeba Boys has given its first shot at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) which has alredy started and entertaining the viewers. The Beeba Boys is enthused by a true life story directed under the hands of Indo-Canadian Deepta Mehta and has a cast of universal actors, including the Bollywood hunk Randeep Hoda, Golshen Grover, Sarah Allen, Monika Doel and Ali Momen.


The film takes you to the action journey of a Sikh Gangster who gather different young studs, to make their marks in the underworld business of drug and arms dealings in Vancouver and explores the grimy side of immigrant experience.

The evolving star Ali Kazmi will be seen in a depraved character labeling the point on gangster look with his chirpy jargons, ebullient expressions and relative dressing. Apart from his debut in Hollywood, Ali Kazmi will be seen in Lollywood’s sci-fi film Sedare and Bollywood’s action-packed Shivay, directed by Ajay Devgan. You can watch the HD trailer of the movie at:

Toronto International Film Festival has started from 10th September, We pay best regard to our Pakistani emerging star Ali Kazmi for his proper entrance in Hollywood films through Beeba Boys. The film will get released on October 16.

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Post Author: Taha Munir