Blackberry Enterprise Services to get banned in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has asked telcos to ban Blackberry Enterprise Services in the country on security grounds. As per PTA, the directions have come from LEAs and other security departments.

Further details reveal that a letter has been sent to cellular operators. The letters says that Blackberry Enterprise Services customers will be given 90 days before permanently closure of services. The cut-off date is 30th November 2015. After that, no BES connection should be active in the country. Any telco providing BES connectivity after the date will face strict action from PTA. It is important to note that only Blackberry Enterprise Services will be banned while Blackberry Internet Services will remain active as they are.

The difference between BIS and BES is; BIS makes a connection to the internet through your operator while BES provides access to a corporate intranet that is a private, internal network within Blackberry. Moreover, the data of BES can’t be encrypted. There were reports of misuse of Blackberry Enterprise Services by terrorist groups and other criminal gangs.

What are your thoughts on this directive by PTA, guys? Write to us in comments section below!

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