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Best 5 Internet Service Providers in Pakistan

When it comes to Internet Service Providers in Pakistan, we do not find a big list of names that are offering the service in all major cities. The main reason behind this is lack of infrastructure in remote areas. Here, we are going to tell you best 5 Internet Service Providers in Pakistan. These ISPs offers services in almost all major cities of Pakistan. Choose the one which suits you the best in terms of data limit, speed and price.

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL):

PTCL is undoubtedly the largest ISP in Pakistan. About 26% of its shares are owned by Etisalat, an Abu Dhabi based company. The semi-government company has the ownership of all the major Internet infrastructure in Pakistan including undersea fiber optics. PTCL provides landline and internet facilities. It has got the highest number Internet users. The internet facilities includes both the wired (broadband) and wireless ones. For wired services, you require to have a landline connection too. The wireless facilities includes Evo USB, Wingle and more. PTCL offers the highest internet speed in Pakistan. On broadband Internet, PTCL offers unlimited downloads. The service of PTCL is available in almost every city of Pakistan.


You can learn more about PTCL and its Internet packages here.


The 2nd in our list is Wateen Telecom, a sister concern of Warid Telecom. Wateen offers its services in various cities of Pakistan. It operates the largest WiMAX network service in Pakistan. Wateen has been ranked as the No. 1 Wireless Broadband Service Provider in the country by PTA. Wateen provides, TV Telephony and Internet services. Wateen offers speed upto 8 Mbps. The high speed bundles comes with unlimited downloads however, the fair usage policy applies.

Wateen-PakistanYou can learn more about Wateen and its packages here.

World Call:

The third in our list is World Call, an Oman Telecommunications Company. The Omantel company provides triple play services i.e. Cable TV, Internet and Telephony. It also provides both wireline and wireless facilities. The broadband service offers maximum of 10 Mbps speed. With the Internet service, you can enjoy free high quality TV cable. With World Call’s Plug & Play USB, you can enjoy speed upto 3.1 Mbps anywhere. World Call users can enjoy unlimited downloads on wired Internet service. The company offers quality service in almost each and every major city of Pakistan.

WorldCall-PakistanYou can learn more about World Call and its Internet packages here.


In our rank, Wi-Tribe is the third best Internet Service Provider in Pakistan. It is a Qatar based company. The Qtel company is offering services in Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi and Faisalabad. Wi-Tribe only offers wireless services. You can either choose a prepaid or postpaid package. Wi-Tribe provides continuous Internet stability. That’s why, its packages costs slightly higher than PTCL and World Call. Also, Wi-Tribe does not offer unlimited downloads to ensure stable internet facility for all of its users. Wi-Tribe is best for professionals that are looking for consistent internet service.

Wi-Tribe-PakistanYou can learn more about Wi-Tribe and its Internet packages here.


In no time, Qubee has emerged as one of the best Internet Service Providers in Pakistan. It is currently operating in four cities of Pakistan i.e. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Qubee comes with both wired and wireless Internet services. It offers speed upto 2 Mbps at a decent price. Qubee has got a special pocket modem that can be carried to any place. Qubee also does not offer unlimited downloads. It suits for students and individual users.

Qubee-PakistanYou can learn more about Qubee and its Internet packages here.

That’s all from our list of Best Internet Service Providers in Pakistan! With the introduction of 3G/4G in Pakistan, these ISPs now face a serious competition with telecom operators. The actual quality of the services by these ISPs may vary depending on your area. Therefore, it’s better to choose the one which provides the best service in your neighbors.

  • Osama Khan

    PTCL is still the biggest because it WAS the best ISP. Now it’s just known because it was a good ISP. It has the worst customer service; They just know how to talk politely. It has the worst Internet Service; Frequent disconnections are becoming pretty common now and it wont be long before PTCL goes down to the bottom 5.
    The packages it offers are good though. They are cheap and can be used by students at a discount.

    • usama

      i agree with you and its uploading speed is to slow

    • Muhammad Omair Jamil

      osama i agree with u .the worst isp .frequent disconnection is the major issue .i want to change my connection.can u tell me who is the best isp provider except ptcl

      • Osama Khan

        Wi-tribe should do but if you got some extra budget go for nayatel, it has faster speed.

  • Ahsen

    No one mentioned Nayatel

  • nouman

    ghatia bakwas net hai ptcl uploading speed is to slow and many other problems with it
    when will pakistan telecommunication authority will update its internet gateway.

  • Adi Iqbal

    I’ve disconnected my Broadband just because of their extremely poor Customer Services. They don’t have manners at all how to talk to their customers and also they don’t bother if you tell them you’re disconnecting the services. Getting help from Customer Support department is a nightmare. The pathetic support I’ve ever in my life. And I would suggest never go for their service as there are hell loads of companies around.

  • Imran Javed

    many people complaining about PTCL broadband. as they experience constant disconnection and slow speed problem . but it due to some basic reason , 1st, your house is far from main extension , 2nd . high tension wire n cables n transformers near your house 3rd . too many wires and cables arround your device.

    i have been using ptcl 8 mb for last 4 years and encounter very less disconnection or low speed . but now i changed to Nayatel braodband, which is way better than PTCL ( in terms of 24hrs speed only) . nayatel has very limited and shity data limit . PTCL offer very good unlimited data packages . as far as PTCL is the winner.

  • Imran ali

    i am a diplomat i came back from toronto. I remained in the house with zong 4g in office with ptcl. Then i shifted to nayatel. Nayatel is way superior in all aspects, customer service, speed. Its speed is more than Canadian broadband even. Whopping. Beautiful uploads, fast downloads. No complaints whatsoever.

  • Imran ali

    Nayatel is so up the field that there are no comparisons any more. However, problem is it is not in lahore.

  • Aqib Javed

    I am part of PTCL and I assure you that our technical end and management is taking necessary action to mitigate the problem faced by our valuable customer.Our ultimate goal is our customer satisfactions.Unfortunately frequent disconnection is due to low line parameters of that specific customer.We are slowly & gradually updating our Installed media from Copper to Optical Fiber(MSAG,ONU).I accept that at some cities,towns & villages our medium is old & absolute.

    INSAHALLAH PTCL will grow & glow with the Blessing of Almighty & continuous support of our customer & management.

    Sooner than later you will feel the Difference.


    • Ahsan Hussain

      Sorry to say dear but the PTCL is the cheapest service in town, (helpline so irritating & poor that they cant guide / gave rude behavior), & my personnel experience is extremely bad (i file complain for Internet & phone,your helpline guides convert to Fibre & there are no charges for conversion from that time to now i am suffering BEST SERVICE of PTCL, in the bill i receive shifting charges & auto update of 1-2mb charges, (i never apply for upgradation as during promotion of 2mb speed i receive less speed from the default pakage) & the PTCL is so intelligent that on the same cell number billing SMS & same address hard copy received but each cant send email on same email id & i update info of email in customer service & after 3 month i receive the email of bill, & the fibre service was so efficient that uptill next change i suffer with respect to phone & Internet, the fault was in the number of PTCL (according to your guys) YOUR Manager gives assurity there will be no problem but same problem still persist & shifting charges were also added….. in my office more then 15 days gone same internet speed issue, limited & no browsing but i am receing calls from the software “problem is solved while nothing saolved & during call session internet was limited tag” )

  • Hamid

    I have been reading comments on many forums/blogs but the end result is always “no PTCl please”. but the question “then what???’ is never answered. Nayatel is way expensive in its upfrnt charges (around Rs, 20,000 for ONT and installation etc). Then WHAT IS THE ALTERNATIVE TO PTCL AND NAYATEL?????? 🙁

    I have tried 4G Evo its worse of its kind. I have tried Zong 4G and its even worst. Zong claims 150 Max speed and 45 Mbps sustainable speed, but it works inside the house at about 0.8 Mbps to 2.5 Mbps, that too with several periodic millisecond disconnections in a minute. Therefore live streaming or Netflix etc is out of the question on Zong 4G. I have also tried Wi-tribe, but they guarantee only 70-75% of offered speed. Hence a 4Mbps connection (which I still use) usually operates between 1.5 to 2.5 Mbps.

    Please advise the alternative 🙁