Be careful while buying or selling on OLX and other classified websites

We all know that OLX is a free classified website operating in various countries. It is available in Pakistan too. OLX Pakistan claims it to be ‘Pakistan’s Largest Marketplace’ where individuals can buy or sell products to others without any service charges. Few months back, it acquired its local competitor Asani to enhance its market. The service is, nowadays, widely used by people for trade of used items. However, some individuals make wrong use of the service and get indulged in frauds. If you are to buy or sell something from OLX, you must be careful so that to avoid any financial damage.

Fraud during buying on OLX:

Some individuals posts very low and tempting prices for expensive products. Consider an ad showing Apple Macbook core i5 for just price of Rs. 19,000. Although few will ignore it knowing it scam, but many others becomes the victim. They get attracted by the low price and hence, contact the seller of the product. Now, the fraud sellers state that they are out of city and ask for money to be sent via bank transfer, easypaisa and mobicash etc. They promise to deliver the goods once the payment is received. After getting the payment, they are completely gone. Such sellers also add phrases like ‘beware of fraud ads’ and ‘no fraud’ etc. to get tempt the people.

We advise you to avoid sending the payment from any of this mean. Find out the seller which lives in your own area and can be paid via cash.

Fraud during selling on OLX:

This is something that a seller need to consider for every buyer. Suppose, you have placed an ad of a product on OLX. A buyer contacts you and gets agree on a certain price. You both decide to meet at a certain place for trade but well, here you need to be careful. Many cases are reported in which sellers have been looted by the possible buyers. Recently, many buyers have been arrested which were involved in such fraud activities.

We advise you to avoid meeting on a roadside and other dark places. Instead, ask the buyer to come in a crowded or busy area i.e. market.

Federal Govt. is in efforts to implement cyber crime bill which will definitely reduce such instances. However, we should watch out for such frauds on OLX on our part too.

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  • asad


    I read an ad on olx
    by jenny peck: asking for paid content writers to work for her. I applied for
    the job and got shortlisted. She clarified in the beginning that she would make
    payments on a particular date, 27th of September 2015. From that date on wards,
    she did not apply. It’s been two weeks now. I have been scammed for about $250
    now. It is really disappointing. Ad ID is :
    815648713 … I don’t know what to do now.