Bachaana is the must watch delight for film lovers

These days the traditional and digital marketing done for the Pakistani movie Bachaana can be suspected everywhere from T.V to internet to bill boards. Bachaana has been released today and the audience is all ready to hit cinemas to watch the movie!

The film has been shot in Mauritius and starring Mohib Mirza who will be seen as a Pakistani taxi driver, Vicky, who comes to rescue Sanam Saeed aka Alia, who is an Indian girl. The film shadows the couple’s ventures and how they ultimately become love birds. Sanam is one of the most talented and leading actresses of Pakistan, director Nasir Khan observed beyond her fame while casting her for his film. He said to media,

For Sanam’s character I wanted someone who had that Indian look, whereas for Mohib’s role I wanted someone who was street-smart. Both fit the bill perfectly.

Bachaana is an Indo-Pak project with the cast and crew from both sides of the border. The film will try to bridge the gap between the two countries by showing on and off scenes in the movie from both sides. The film is directed by Nisar Khan and is produced by Rizwan Saeed. It is also released in India. The music for the film has been composed by Ali Sher, Symt and Indian music director Prasad Saste.

You can watch the trailer of the movie here:

The movie has been premiered and people at the premiere loved it. The trailer has definitely proved to be a success in provoking interest to watch the film in the mind of people along with the fabulously composed title track Bachaana. Let’s hope the movie becomes a great success!