Axact and BOL in crisis, FIA and FBR in action

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May 16, 2015
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May 20, 2015
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Axact and BOL in crisis, FIA and FBR in action

Following the publishing of report in New York Times, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has now started inspecting the case against Axact company. The NYT report claims that Axact is involved in selling fake degrees online of worth more than million dollars each year.

Axact is an IT based company operating in Pakistan. According to the NYT report, the company is operating hundreds of fake websites of bogus universities in America. The websites are so well designed that everyone is easily deceived by demos, intros and promos. Soon as the report got published, it has caught the eyes of Pakistani media.

Considering the seriousness of the matter, Axact quickly made its response on the matter. According to Axact, the report maker ‘Declan Walsh’ has been expelled from Pakistan back in 2013 due to stories against national interest. It also claimed that the Express Tribune (subsidiary of NYT) is behind the whole scenario. The move has been made to counter the BOL Media Channel popularity and to defame the channel. Here is the video response made by Axact CEO Mr. Shoaib Sheikh on the matter,

Owned by Axact, BOL Media Channel has been in news for more than a year now. The channel is carrying out its promotional campaign on social sites. Meanwhile, it has hired top anchors and journalists from big channels like Geo. There has been some legal wars and harsh words between BOL and its rival groups for few months now. But well, this case is quite a CRUCIAL one!

As the report caught media hype, Interior Minister of Federal Govt. Chaudhry Nisar Ahmed ordered FIA to start its investigations. The Cyber Crime Wing of FIA has now raided Axact offices in Islamabad and Karachi. Several employees and local heads are being held by the team for investigations. The team has taken equipment and computers for further analysis. FBR has also now come up with the financial details of the company. According to FBR, the company has got 6 lac declared shares and only one is held by Mr. Shoaib Sheikh. The tax information shows that Mr. Shoaib Sheikh only paid Rs. 26 tax last year.

Meanwhile, major political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has presented a resolution to discuss the issue in Punjab Assembly. Some discussion is already ongoing in Senate. Sindh Govt. has also begun checking the details of the company and their operations. Last night, US State Department also issued a statement regarding the issue. According to US State Department, there is no agreement of document verification with Pakistani software company Axact.

The whole scenario is getting twisted at the moment. Last night, many popular anchors of BOL team i.e. Kamran Khan and Iftikhar Ahmed came on talk shows to present their point of view.

Guys, what are your thoughts on the issue? If it is true, there should be legal convictions against the company. There should be also a check on media teams propagating the one-side of the issue.

Source: Express Tribune | | BBC Urdu