Adobe is ready to kill its FLASH

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Adobe is ready to kill its FLASH

Adobe has finally agreed upon to kill its FLASH. Last night, the company officially announced to break up with its premium multimedia platform. It will now be encouraging its developers to create multimedia content with newer web standards i.e. HTML5.

During recent times, Flash has gone quite unpopular among the public. The two major reasons are lack of its support on smartphones and heavy battery consumption. Another important setback to Flash are security vulnerabilities that has plagued the platform. The platform is highly exploitable. Each time, Adobe tries to fix it and after few days; a new vulnerability gets detected. As a result, popular browsers Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox even blocked the plugin for couple of months.

Despite this, a large number of content including games and videos relies on Flash. Therefore, Adobe has continued to back up the plugin. But now, it seems like the company has finally decided to take a leap ahead. Adobe will be renaming its popular animation app to ‘Animate CC’ that is also capable of making HTML5 content. In future updates, the flash support in the app will get diminish with more HTML5 support.


For the time being, Adobe will continue supporting Flash plugin. The company is partnering with Microsoft and Google to keep the plugin alive on their browsers. It is also collaborating with Facebook for flash games available. The company will be providing roadmap to developers for shifting to the newer platforms.

Finally, we can see an END to a great Flash career. It certainly did revolutionize the multimedia in the past. But now, HTML5 is certainly gonna be future!