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With increasing Online users in Pakistan, something still remains missing. Unfortunately, we still remain at the back in World Wide Web. In abroad where you can find millions of sites for local information, Pakistan has got only few. Therefore, it urges us to introduce a site that deals with all such aspects.

MAG92 brings all the buzz and happenings from technology, telecom, entrepreneurship, entertainment and lifestyle in Pakistan.. It is a right hub for the individuals searching about the developments in IT and Pakistan market. It is going to be a center for all startups, entrepreneurs across Pakistan. With 3G/4G revolution in Pakistan, Internet has reached to each and every individual. And that individual is our target! To keep him/her updated about everything in Telecom sector is our aim. MAG92 also covers the entertainment stuff. Just know what is happening in Lollywood.

This does not end here. As the name suggests, its all about Pakistan. So, we will add more to our list. We will be bringing you food deals, exhibitions reviews and lot more, later on. MAG92 Pakistan ensures quality and reliable content not based on any rumors or speculations. MAG92.com promises to be a revolution in Pakistan blogging community. And we are determined to reach our goals.

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