92 News becomes first HD channel of Pakistan

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February 7, 2015
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92 News becomes first HD channel of Pakistan

With advancements in technology, electronic media has also revolutionized. After HD advancement, international channels are now going towards 4K technology. The channels are now adopting latest technologies for their broadcasting. This has created a sense of competition among various channels. Although, Pakistani electronic media has progressed a lot in recent times, still we don’t find any HD channel yet. But well, finally there is one i.e. 92 News has become the first HD channel of Pakistan.


92 News has been promoting itself under the tagline ‘First HD News Channel of Pakistan’ for few months now. And from last Friday i.e. 6th Feb, the channel is on air. The channel is led by group of industries that claims to have significantly contributed towards sectors such as Education and Health. 92 News has got talented team of professionals. Yousaf Baig Mirza has assumed the office of CEO at 92 News. Mr. Mirza has got over 15 years of experience in media management in public.


The media team of the channel comprises of renowned journalists and anchors. Some popular names includes Rauf Klasra, Aftab Iqbal and Mehmood Aslam (Bulbulay). The channel is also on board with other famous media persons from well-established news channels. The channel welcomes all aspiring individuals to come and join the HD network.

Currently, 92 News has over 300 correspondents across Pakistan. The number is surely going to increase. Pakistani viewers have shown a positive response towards the news channel. We wish best of luck to the management team. Hopefully, the channel will highlight positive image of the country and will represent right side of broadcasting.