8 things to do to stop your laptop from slowing down

It has now become too common for users’ complaining about slowing down their laptops after few months. All they are left to do is to reinstall operating system and get the things going in normal state for more few months. It is quite often hectic task to reinstall all programs and softwares after fresh OS install. However, it can be prevented if you manage your laptop with care and carry out maintenance tasks on regular basis.

Here, we have compiled list of eight basic steps that you can follow to stop your laptop from slowing down. These steps will help you remove unimportant softwares, delete unnecessary files and release extra RAM occupied by Antivirus softwares.

Clean it regularly

The first thing that you must do is to clean your laptop on regular basis i.e. weekly or fortnightly. If you have got old setups and files, just simply delete them if you are not going to use them in future. Moreover, also clean your browsing history once in a month as it will be releasing useless temporary data and will make your internet work faster. For these tasks, you can use CCleaner that is a light app helps you in removing unnecessary files from your PC. The basic version of app is available for FREE and you can download it from HERE.

Clean your desktop

Desktop is the first screen that appears after your operating system boots up. A loaded desktop screen with useless icons and programs will definitely slow your laptop. Your PC will be taking time to show all programs and files on the desktop. Therefore, remove all unnecessary items from your desktop. Two or three columns of icons of programs and files are sufficient on the desktop. Also, try not to place any dock bar or such customization widget on your desktop.

Manage Files and Folders

Data management is something that is quite easy to learn and can benefit to a large extent. Most of us do not organize our data and leave the files here and there. This not only slows down our laptop but also make it difficult to find the required stuff later on. Try to manage your data i.e. place your related files in one folder. Moreover, you can also fragment your drive to avoid your files from being scattered on various sectors of hard disk.

Stop useless startup programs

Whenever you install a new software, it might be set up to start on boot even if you don’t require it to do so. Skype, Yahoo Messenger and other useful programs, by default, set them to start once your desktop screen appears. It decreases the boot speed of your laptop. You can disable these apps from loading at start by going in to options/settings of each program. Moreover, you can simply delete startup processes using CCleaner.

Download stuff carefully

Most of the times your laptop gets slow or catches viruses from internet. Many users are not aware of what to install and what to not. They download third party malwares and corrupted programs without knowing and get their PCs infected. It sometimes even become difficult to uninstall them. Therefore, you need to be precaution before downloading anything from the internet. Remember, official programs and files will not be sending you to undesired links and sites. Such programs will not even ask you to install other softwares.

Uninstall unwanted programs

If you have used a program before and now it’s not in use, you can simply remove it from your device. Its related processes may be running in your RAM even if you are not using it. All you need is to go to Control Panel and launch ‘Programs and Features’. Now, you can uninstall the programs and softwares that are no more in use. Have a good look on the list as you may notice some programs that you have not installed and even are thought Microsoft or other softwares. Uninstall them too as they are also slowing down your laptops.

Use a Registry Cleaner

Registry tracks information and log files related to your installed programs and performed tasks. It’s better to clean up your registry in a month as it will be removing useless information from your system files. You can use CCleaner to perform this task as well. The program enables you to scan for registry issues and fix them by deleting unwanted entries.

Keep Antivirus Shields OFF

If you have got Antivirus installed, it will considerably slowing down your speed. All the apps and files will be getting scan in real time. If you have followed our previous steps then you can compromise here. Rather than uninstalling the software completely, just run the program and disable antivirus shields i.e. file shield, web shield and others. However, you should be scanning your whole computer at least once in a month to remove potential threats. Avast Antivirus software is now widely used on various PCs. Its FREE version is also powerful enough. Try using boot scan to better detect the threats and remove them.

So that’s it! Hopefully, if you follow these steps carefully, you will not be getting your laptop slowing down. Surely, they will also save your time that you may be required to use for reinstalling Windows and related programs.

If you have got some other useful tip or trick, you can share with us below.