7 Tips to Get More Reach on Your Facebook Posts

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7 Tips to Get More Reach on Your Facebook Posts

Facebook is, no doubt, the largest social platform connecting billions of users across the globe. The website was launched back in 2004. In just a decade or so, it has become the most used social media site. Many businesses, firms, industries and even individuals has made pages on the site to share information from valuable to funny. Due to increase in the number of Facebook pages and posts, it has now become difficult to get maximum reach on your status or post. Considering the matter, we are sharing with you 7 useful tips to get more Facebook reach on your posts.

Time matters

First of all, you need to know that the time matters the most for Facebook reach. Posting something at late night and expecting people to reach to it is quite stupid. No one is gonna wake up from sleep to see what you have shared. Similarly, during working days in noon, you can’t expect people to leave the work, get online on Facebook to check out what you have shared. You should schedule your post for the appropriate time knowing when your relevant target audience will be online.

Be brief

Now, your next step is writing the post. Here, you need to be brief and short. In such a hasty life, no one is free enough to read your whole essay type status. On most of such statuses, people are gonna just gonna ignore that and move ahead. To get more Facebook reach, you should be point to point and only share the major highlight of the information. To convey detailed information, you can do further things which are discussed below.

Be expressive

Your brief post/status should be to the point and clear-cut. Rather than sharing irrelevant stuff, you should add meaning to your post. Simply, be expressive as it will urge your visitors to read it and either like, share or comment on it. Anything useless will stop people from interacting with the post/status. Being expressive will also make the users click on external links (if any).

Use hashtags:

The right use of hashtags in your post can bring more and more users to it. Hashtags are quite a useful feature of Facebook. Correct use of hashtags can increase the reach of your posts. Using a ‘trending’ hashtag can increase Facebook reach upto multiple times. This will help people viewing trending topics to get reach to your posts. Try to use three to four hashtags in your post to add some value in it.

Add images

Sharing an interesting and attractive visual along with your post will definitely make the people stop. A related image to the post can be very useful as it creates good impression in the mind of visitors. It can certainly help you in boosting your Facebook reach. So next time when you share a post, do remember to add an image alongside to attract more users.

Add links (if required)

Depending on your post, sometimes it is better to add some external site link alongside. Seeing such links can encourage people to read the post and afterwards move to the attached link for further information. An external link increases the importance of your post for many visitors. Many visitors consider such posts as genuine information being shared.


The last solution is to go sponsored. Go paid and use Facebook ads to bring more users to your specific post. Facebook Ads give you options to select your target audience. This can help you to bring related people to your post. With Ad Manager, you can monitor and track the performance of your ads. The rate of a Facebook ad is $5 per day with estimated reach of upto 5000 people. This can be even more. All depends on your target audience and execution. The better the execution the more your Facebook reach.

Concluding the article, we will like to say that Facebook is not an easy platform to deal with, now. You can’t leave your Facebook page on its own and expect its likes to go up immediately. You need to be active and work on your page. Try to make at least 10 useful posts daily on your page to increase the Facebook reach. Try to engage the users in your posts by asking their comments or views. Only, this is how you can turn your page in to a successful one.