6 Points to Consider to Become a Successful Entrepreneur [Jeff Hoffman]

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May 7, 2015
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6 Points to Consider to Become a Successful Entrepreneur [Jeff Hoffman]

Today, as scheduled, Plan9 hosted Jeff Hoffman talk regarding entrepreneurship. The talk took place at Arfa Software Technology Park. Several young individuals and entrepreneurs from various universities attended the session. During the session, Jeff Hoffman reflected his personal experience and demonstrated the keys to success in entrepreneurship. He paved out the way to become a successful entrepreneur.

In his introductory note, Jeff Hoffman said,

Entrepreneurship is not about making money. It’s about making dreams and designing the future.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you should design the course of your life. You should realize that your dreams and job are not separate. Being an entrepreneur, you must consider the job that will turn your dreams in to reality. According to Jeff, entrepreneurs look for things that have even a little possibility to happen. If you find even a minor possibility for something, consider it!

After reflecting his personal experience, Jeff Hoffman talked about the Golden Purpose i.e. the intersection of three things.

  • The things you are best at
  • The things you love doing
  • The things the world values

As per Jeff Hoffman,

Our goal is to use our business to reach our dreams. We should live a life of passion and purpose not paycheck.

Jeff Hoffman highlighted six points that every individual need to consider to become a successful entrepreneur. Here are these six points:

  1. Harvest ideas (search for new and creative ideas)
  2. Solve real life problems (look for solutions to problems happening around)
  3. Get engaged in world around you (be social)
  4. Win a gold medal at one thing (be expert in one aspect)
  5. Build a great team (find out the individuals with potential)
  6. Get out of your office (sitting and doing job is not enough, look for more)
  7. Find a mentor (a mentor can develop your skills)
  8. Work hard (failure will lead to success ultimately)

At the end, there was a Q&A session. Many individuals asked different questions and cleared their doubts. After the session, refreshments were also served. No doubt, this turned out to be an event full of knowledge and mentorship. There was not even a single moment of boredom. Thanks to Jeff Hoffman’s speaking skills!

Congratulations to Plan9 for organizing the event! We hope Plan9 will continue arranging such events and mentorship sessions.