Eid wishes

5 Best Ways to make Eid Wishes to your Loved Ones

The sweet Eid is just about to arrive. After one Holy month of fasting, Eid-ul-Fitr aims to spread happiness and peace in the society. On this Eid, you are definitely going to visit your friends and family relatives on the occasion. Also, as it is choti Eid, so be ready for eidi if you are a young fellow or in other case, be prepared to distribute eidi. You are definitely imagining this Eid to be fascinating and memorable one. Here, we are going to tell you best ways to make Eid wishes to your dear ones.


Though it is a past tradition, but still it’s unique! The whole procedure of visiting shop, selecting a card, filling it and covering it in an envelope is a remembering aspect. Specially, if your loved ones are in other cities and can’t come, it’s the best option. You can also send Eid wishes online if your loved ones are in other countries. You can choose available Eid cards on 123greetings.com or other sites. Or, you can make your own ones on sites e.g. Canva.com and send it to your buddies.


Sending a text is quite common thing either on chat apps or by SMS. But if you really care and love for your few dear ones, you should not be worrying about spending few pennies. Just take few minutes aside, pick up the phone and dial the number. Listening to someone’s voice whom you love is a unique feeling that will cherish you for sure. Even if you have not much time for gossip, still making Eid wishes over phone will be awesome and momentous.


Now, if you are visiting your dear ones, you must be taking an Eid gift along with you. As it is meethi Eid, you can take sweets, cake or ice-cream. Same can be carried for Eid-ul-Azha too because everyone loves to eat yummy desserts. If you plan to take sweets, you must make your selections accordingly to the taste of the loved ones. In case of cake, make sure that it does not lose its shape during the journey. And for ice-cream, pick the one that is fully frozen and is not going to melt in seconds. You can also complement this with Eid cards. An ideal method for Eid wishes! Is not it?


If you can’t make phone calls or the person is out of reach, you can simply record messages in your voice and send it to your loved ones. It can be helpful if the person is living in another country where Eid is not on the same day as yours. While recording Eid wishes in your voice, try to speak a bit slow so that the message is clearer for your recipient. Also, record your message in a silent environment so that there is no distortion.


If you are living abroad or in other city, you can order a meal online and ask them for delivery at the place of your dear ones. You can ask them to accompany Eid wishes card. Food is everyone’s love so this sort of greeting is always welcomed. You can ask your dare ones whether they had no plan to go outside. Also, make sure from the eatery that food is delivered. You can also include sweet dish and refreshment drinks in your meal order.

So our readers, rather than been general, make unique Eid wishes to your loved ones. Their smiles in return will definitely be your reward.

Eid Mubarak to Everyone! 

Post Author: Taha Munir