4 Things to Do Before You Create a Gig

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4 Things to Do Before You Create a Gig

Freelancing is a very serious profession; reaching out your customers requires lot of patience, time and energy. Well, what if you understand your customer requirement but your customer don’t show confidence in you just because he is not able to understand your gig/portfolio. Doing some homework before you create a gig increases your chances of success either you are creating it for the first time, revising an existing gig or spreading your service in a new category. Here are few things you should do before you create a gig or portfolio.

Find Your Niche:

Finding your Niche is the 1st important step in the process of creating a gig .Best practice is that you divide your service into scalable tasks and then find out which task you can perform better. Breakdown your skillset into small offerings and justify it to sell it on minimum price.

When defining you gig/portfolio, ask yourself:

  • Is it require minimum time to complete a task?
  • Is this service is scalable or should I have to deliver multiples of it in a package?
  • Are there extra services that could be a part of this gig?

If the answer is “YES” then you are on the right track

Research Your Skill:

Before you create a gig, it is important to search out how many people are providing similar service which you are planning to offer .This will help you find out what type of skill set you need to succeed in this market

You can do this by asking yourself:

  • How can your distinguish yourself from other sellers?
  • Do you find any opportunity to meet the need that hasn’t been met?

If you see that same identical service is offered by number of other sellers. You have to brainstorm how you can differentiate yourself by providing same service in same market.

Know Your Value

Different freelancing portals have different structure for service charges like on Fiverr your service starts at $5 while on UpWork, you set hourly rate for your service. Use different promotional and discount offers to get customers on starting phase. Offering free service is not a practical approach to connect with seller. It’s important to know the value of your time and energy and not to compensate it in order to attempt potential customer

Establish a Workflow

Having a work order process is essential. However, keeping you self-organized before order starting coming will help you a lot. Find out different aspects of your work because without continual research, you cannot survive in this market so find out:

  • How many hours per week you will work on your gig
  • What stuff, you can include in your gig?

By following these steps for creating a gig, you can definitely attract your potential customers.

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