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3 TV commercials that grabbed my attention this Ramadan

Best Ramadan TV commercials of 2016

It is not only the well-defined concept or insight of an ad that makes it strong and excellent. The appropriate execution of an ad matters a lot as well. Together, these two make a successful marketing strategy in form of TV commercials.

Here, I am going to list three TV commercials that attracted my attention because of its message and perfect execution.

Surf Excel TVC:

The 2016 TVC of Surf Excel, this Ramadan, is a perfect blend of relevant and brilliant concept and marvelous execution. I personally think that among all the ads aired this Ramadan, this ad is by far the brightest one. Thinking about others before thinking about oneself is the wonderful message being communicated via this ad. The way the kids help the merchant in trouble without thinking about themselves reflects the selfless spirit of serving the humanity that everyone should possess. The way the mother of one of the kids motivates and praises her child even though he has stained his shirt in the process of helping the merchant delivers a very strong and thoughtful message for all the young mothers out there. It is an ad; beautifully conceptualized and brilliantly executed.

Surf Excel Ramzan TVC 2016

Posted by Advertistan on Friday, June 10, 2016

Rafhan TVC:

Another ad that grabbed my attention this Ramadan is the TVC of Rafhan. What really is more amazing and heartwarming than the relationship between a mother and her daughter? Nothing! Making her daughter’s health and well-being her foremost priority, constantly getting concerned about her and never getting tired of looking after her are the remarkable aspects of motherhood being portrayed in this ad. How the little girl in the ad decides to fast without telling her mother is what melted my heart because every day, when she used to get up for Sehri, her mother would remain busy in feeding her. Every day, her mother would run out of time to eat for herself and end up having just a date. The way the little girl and her mother look after each other is really sweet, heart-touching and soul-stirring.

Rafhan Ramzan TVC 2016

Agency: JWT
Director: Anwar Al Amin
Talent: Citrus Talent

Posted by Advertistan on Friday, June 10, 2016

Mezan TVC:

Last but not least, the TVC of Mezan surprised me. Yes, you read it right. I was surprised to see a sensible, agreeable and pleasant ad of a cooking oil. This ad is not at all loaded with horrendous dance sequences and awful songs. So yes, this cooking oil ad will not get on anybody’s nerves. I am pleased that this cooking oil ad is not nonsense at all. Instead it wonderfully throws light upon how a woman responsibly and articulately handles her daily chores and looks after her family. Even in Ramadan, the exhaustion and tiredness due to fasting do not hold her back from taking care of her house and family. The way her children and husband take care of everything regarding Iftar when she unintentionally falls asleep while saying her prayers is what makes the ad even more fascinating and captivating. It genuinely can make one smile and admire housewives.

Mezan Ramadan TVC 2016

Agency: Adcom Leo Burnett
Production House: Bionic Films

Director: Zaheeruddin
Producer: Salman…

Posted by Advertistan on Monday, June 6, 2016

So guys, which of these TV commercials you like the most? If you know other TV commercials that caught your attention this Ramadan, you can also comment them below.