Confused where to Dine-In this Ramadan? Here’s a List to Decide

This article will guide you towards some amazing Ramadan offers by various restaurants in Lahore. So if you are a foodie, just read it and have some idea about the good places to visit this Ramadan with your family and friends.

Arcadian Café:

If you need a lavish Iftaar with your friends and family, Arcadian is the place to have some yummilicious Iftaar with a variety of 22 main course dishes and desserts. They are charging 1725/- plus tax for their Iftaar Buffet. Yes, a bit expensive but worth spending if you are a place conscious person.


The next place which is posing good food along with 50% discount on dine-in for the first 10 days of Ramadan and on takeaway and delivery till 20th is none other than Ginsoy. Yes. an exciting place like its name. The offer remains valid from 11pm to 1 am.

Café Costa:

The other decent buffet offer is being introduced by Café Costa within a rational price of just Rs. 999/- plus tax. It is offering drinks, starters, main courses, salads, charts, desserts and tea. Well, I guess the price for such a wide range of menu is not too much. Do try it!


One of my favourite burger spot is presenting the amazing Ramadan Caboodle. Unique name. Isn’t it? It have got bigger and better and includes a single patty burger, shashlik stick, jalapeño popper, cheese sticks, fruit salad, pasta salad, a dessert and soda drink + 1 free refill! You can upgrade to any double patty burger or steak in Rs. 199/- bucks only!


Yes the most familiar and the most favourite family restaurant McDonald’s has come up with two interesting deals for this Ramadan for Rs. 450 and Rs. 550 respectively only. McDonald’s never fail to make its customers happy because they always show up with amazing deals that anyone could buy at any time.

Forest Café:

The café with the natural spooky appearance of a forest is also in the race of offering Iftaar Dinner Buffet just for Rs. 999/- plus tax. Well, they do offer good food but this time just for Rs.999/- is an amazing thing. Whether you’ll take this chance or not I will surely not miss it.

Café Jazz:

This Ramadan, if you want to discover the citric evolution of refreshment then step in today at Jazz Restaurant and get the best buffet offer. They are offering their Iftaar buffet from Iftaar till 9 pm for Rs. 1650/+ Tax per person. Well it is quite expensive but for foodies, money doesn’t matter.


One of the wonderful Chinese restaurants of Lahore is offering you a good Ramadan package in form of Iftaar cum Dinner buffet just for Rs. 995/- plus tax (Iftaar till 8.45pm) and Rs. 695/- plus tax (9pm-11pm). You can have Chinese, BBQ, Italian or Pakistani with desserts and salads.


The place famous for its flame grilled chicken is here with interesting two special Ramadan deals waiting for you. The first deal will cost you Rs. 690 and the second deal will cost you Rs. 890. So do not miss this offer because it is in your budget. Yaye!!!


The last in my list is Wings that has always served the quality food with affordable price per person. They are offering special Iftaar Platter for Rs. 899/- only. So, enjoy their scrumptious deal with your loved ones.

So, what are you waiting for? Dine in in any of these restaurants with your family and friends to enjoy the scrumptious food. Don’t miss to share other delicious food deals with us!

Post Author: Zainab Hassan

A girl with a creative mind that has no confines of fancy, who is an artist by abilities and a business student by luck. I believe in the moto “Live the way you want to and let others live the way they want to’’. Fashion, food and perfection is all I follow.